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Tropical Course on Rainforest and Marine Biodiversity
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East Kalimantan (Borneo) is heart of the eastern Indonesia within the widest rainforest that of lies the widest river in Indonesia called MAHAKAM (the greatest love). It is the paradise of all tropical organisms that waiting for us to take apart in observating, explorating, and doing research for the prosperity of human being.

Mulawarman University as an educational institution provides you a tropical course program that will make you fill a new adventure in tropical rainforest associated with the inhibitant culture of dayak tribe. In course materials, we will offer you an introduction of the new perspective for sustainable forest management in east kalimantan, endogenous species of terrestrial and aquatic  organisms, their habitat and ecological management, etc.

The objectives of this course are to :


  1. Introduce the biodiversity richness of East Kalimantan’s  tropical rainforest as well as marine and coastal ecosystems.
  2. Exchange knowledge and experiences  on forestry and marine sciences.
  3. Increase student’s interest on tropical biodiversity and  the important of its sustainability for our future





Eligible participants for the course are undergraduate and postgraduate students.  A minimum of 10 participants (maximum 15 participants) will be invited to execute this course. 


  1. Gunung Kelua Campus, Unmul, Samarinda
  2. Midle Mahakam Area.
  3. Bontang coastal area (Observing the corral reefs and its ecosystems).

Course Organization


  1. The course consists of lectures, practical field work, and discussion sessions.
  2. The course will include general lectures on Indonesian biodiversity and conservation areas, introduction of tropical forest management, wildlife survey techniques in tropical rainforest, sustainable forestry practices and wildlife utilization in Indonesia, stream and coral reef ecosystem with focus on the biodiversity richness. 
  3. In the field work of coastal ecosystem, there will be an opportunity for the participants to be involved in mangrove replanting, seagrass transplantation, and coral reef transplantation for habitat restoration. While field work on forestry will include techniques in flora and fauna inventory, techniques in non Timber Forest Product utilization, wildlife conservation, Socio-economic aspects in conservation, and traditional wisdom in natural resources utilization.




Course Outline

Day 1             : Arrive in Samarinda, Welcome Party

Day 2 - 3      : Opening and lectures at  Unmul Gunung Kelua campus

Day 4 - 7   : Trip to Unmul's Botanical Garden and Dayak's Traditional Village.

Day 6 - 7     : Travel to Bontang marine and coastal area 

Day 8           : Back to Samarinda

Day 9         : Discussion and Seminar of the field experiences  and  Farewell party

   Day 10         : City tour and departure


Course Fee

This course is free of charge. Directorate General of Higher Education through Mulawarman University will cover instruction and course materials, lodging, food, and local transportation for the duration of the course. However, it does not include international airfare, pre-departure expenses (including visas), health insurance, and personal expenses during the program.  Participants should arrange their own travel and health insurance prior to attending the course. The participant is advised to bring enough money.
Application Procedure and Deadline
Application is preferably submitted as a group. (recently,  still required 9 students for starting the course)  sent your CV  via e-mail to  as soon as possible.
Contact Person 

For application details and further information, please contact:


1.    Prof. Dr. Ir. Wawan Kustiawan, M.Agr.Sc.

Mobile . 0812 5317902



2.    Sumoharjo, S.Pi., M.Si

Mobile . 0813 88594081




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